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La Belle Cuisine - Index Miscellaneous

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Fine Cuisine with Art Infusion

"To cook is to create. And to create well...
is an act of integrity, and faith."




Stonewall Kitchen, LLC
Specialty & Gourmet Foods - Barefoot Contessa Pantry

"Dessert is probably the most important stage of the meal,
since it will be the last thing your guests remember before
they pass out all over the table."

~ William Powell

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Melted Chocolate Running from a Whisk
Melted Chocolate Running
from a Whisk
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Zogbaum, Armin
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Dessert, Spago Restaurant, California
Dessert, Spago Restaurant,
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Wheeler, Nik
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Ice Cream Cone with Many Colored Scoops
Ice Cream Cone...
Shaffer & Smith
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Layered Sundae: Raspberry Sauce, Sponge & Vanilla Nut Ice Cream
Layered Sundae: Raspberry Sauce, Sponge & Vanilla Nut Ice Cream
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Garlick, Ian
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Camille ...
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Glasses of Lemon Sherbert with Slice of Lemon
Glasses of Lemon...
John James Wood
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Strawberry Sorbet in a Stem Glass
Strawberry Sorbet...
Bodo A. Schieren
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Desserts in Patisserie Window, Paris, France
Desserts in Patisserie Window, Paris, France
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Engelbrecht, Lisa
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La Belle Cuisine


Angel Lemon Pudding 
Apples, Baked, with Spiced Ricotta and Maple Syrup
Apple Crisp, the Neelys

Apple Crisp, Rocky Mountain High
Apple, Fig, and Blackberry Cobbler 

Apple Fritters
Apple-Oatmeal Crisp with
Irish Whiskey Cream

Apple Pandowdy
Arroz con Leche with Sangria Figs and
Cherries (Daniel Boulud)

Bananas Foster, Brennan's
Bananas, Sherry Baked, with Hazelnut Praline 

Berries, Fresh, Gratin of, with Vanilla
Crème Brulée or Lemon Curd

Berry Gratins, Warm, Individual 

Blackberry and Pound Cake Crisp
Blueberry Sauce 
Bon Bons (C'est si Bon Bons)
Easy Chocolate Truffles
Chocolate-Coated Raspberry Truffles
Milk Chocolate-Pistachio-Coated Truffles
Chocolate-Stuffed Figs and Prunes

Bonbons (Emeril Lagasse)
Bûche de Noel
Bûche de Noel, Chocolate-Orange
Cappuccino Torte
Caramel Cream Custard (Burnt Cream -
Marcelle Bienvenu)

Chocolate-Almond Toffee (Spago)
Chocolate Banana Charlotte (Cocolat)
Chocolate Cream, Soft, Decadent
Chocolate Cups with White Chocolate Raspberry
Mousse (Chocolatier)

Chocolate Espresso Custard (Chez Panisse Café)
Chocolate Mardi Gras Fondue

Chocolate Marquise with Orange Crème Anglaise
and Candied Almond Slivers

Chocolate Marquise with Variations
(In the Sweet Kitchen)

Chocolate Molten Soufflé (Commander's Palace) 
Chocolate Mousse with Flambéed Bananas
(François Payard)
Chocolate Mousse Squares, Hungarian (Rigó Jancsi)
Chocolate Mousse Trio (Daniel Boulud)
Chocolate, Orange, and Chestnut Pavé 
Chocolate and Orange Cups
Chocolate Paradise
Chocolate Pavé with Tia Maria Sauce
Chocolate and Peanut Butter Coupe

Chocolate Pots de Crème with Candied Rose Petals

Chocolate Pudding from New York City's "Home" 
Chocolate Rum Charlotte 
Chocolate Serendipity (Maida Heatter)
Chocolate Silk Bread Pudding
Chocolate Soup (Jacques Torres)
Chocolate "Stuff" (comfort to the max!)
Chocolate and Valpolicella Crema (Mario Batali)
Chocolat Poiver, Le (Chocolatier)

Christmas Candy Collection
Mrs. Eisenhower's Fudge
Mammy's Divinity
Christmas Turtles
Sugar Plums
Simple Chocolate Truffles (Martha Stewart)
Gigi's Daiquiri Balls
Chocolate-Covered Almond Brittle
Fruit and Pecan Balls
Apricot Macadamia Snowballs
Chocolate Peanut Butter Balls
Mrs. T. B. Cabell's Pecans
Chocolate-Covered Almond-Filled Apricots
Pecan Penuche
Barbara Lee's Caramels

Christmas Desserts to Die For 
Tidewater Trifle
Creole Christmas Trifle
Christmas Bread Pudding with Amaretto Sauce

Christmas Goodies 
Christmas Whiskey Pecans
Sugared Pecans
Spiced Pecans
Santa Claus Hand-Dipped Candy Balls
The Delta Queen's Pralines
Cocktail Brandy-Rum Balls

Christmas Pudding with Brandied Butter
La Ciambella di Nonna Polini, Marcella Hazan
(My Grandmother’s Pastry Ring)
Clafouti, Banana (Lee Bailey)

Clafouti, Fig and Raspberry
(The Wine Lover's Cookbook)
Clafouti, Fig, Walnut and Cranberry,
with Crème Fraîche
Clafouti, Peach and Blueberry
Clafoutis, Cherry (Clafoutis aux Cerises Mulot)
Clafouti, Sweet Cherry, from New York's Vong 
Cobbler, Blueberry, a, Drew's Cake
Cobbler, Cherry, Lattice Top, Emeril's
Cobbler, Cherry and Peach  

Cobbler, Cranberry Apple
Cobbler, Fig

Cobbler, Old Dominion 
Cobbler, Peach, Bourbon
(Tyler Florence)

Cobber, Peach, from "Glorious
American Food"

Cobbler, Peach, Grandma Potter's
Cobbler, Peach, Granny Manning's 

Cobbler, Peach, Plum and Blackberry

Coeur à la Crème with Raspberry Sauce

Coffee Desserts
Parfait au Café
Coffee Syrup
Coffee Sauce
Chocolate and Coffee Sauce
Coffee Mousse
Pots de Crème à la Javanaise
Charlotte Malakoff au Café

Cream Puffs, Chocolate, with Spun
Sugar (Alice Medrich)

Crème Brûlée, Classic (Jacques Torres)
Crème Brûlée, Vanilla (Nancy Silverton)
Crème Brûlée, Vanilla, with Chocolate
Sauce (Charlie Trotter)

Crepes, Chocolate, with Fresh Strawberries (Emeril)

Crepes Fitzgerald, Brennan's
Crepes Maison, Galatoire's
Crepes Suzette, Brennan's
Nectarine and Black Cherry
Custards, Mascarpone, with Summer Fruit
Divinity, Mammy's

Fig Terrine, Black Mission, with Israeli
Couscous Sauce and White Pepper-Buttermilk
Ice Cream (Charlie Trotter)

Flan, Lemon (Commander's Palace)
Floating Islands (
Oeufs à la Neige)
Frozen Golden Daiquiri
(A Dessert Starring the Glory of Rum)

Glazed Mango with Sour Cream Sorbet and Black
Pepper Passion Fruit Sauce (Alain Ducasse)

Ice Cream, We All Scream for
Ice Cream Base
Chocolate Orange Ice Cream
Chocolate Espresso Ice Cream
Banana Rum Ice Cream
Ginger Ice Cream
White Chocolate Brazil Nut Ice Cream

Ice Cream, Amaretto, Melissa's Famous 
Ice Cream
, Amaretto Peach
Ice Cream, Bailey's Irish Cream 

Ice Cream
, Chocolate Cherry
Ice Cream, Chocolate, Greatest

Ice Cream Collection, Chocolate
Chocolate Espresso Ice Cream
Grand Marnier Mocha Ice Cream
Espresso Ice Cream with Chocolate Truffles
Jack Daniel's Chocolate Ice Cream

Ice Cream, Double Cappuccino 
Ice Cream, Fresh Fig
Ice Cream, Ginger

Ice Cream, Guinness Stout
Ice Cream, Hard Cider, Jonny's
Ice Cream, Lemon Luscious, Rose's (with
Lemon and Fresh Berry "Shortcake")

Ice Cream, Lemon Macaroon, with
Blueberry Compote
Ice Cream, Mama's (Marcelle Bienvenu)
Ice Cream, Peach, The Best 
Ice Cream, Peach, with Vanilla-Scented Peaches 

Ice Cream
, Raspberry
Ice Cream Sandwiches, Velvet Chocolate Brownie
Ice Cream, Strawberry

Ice Cream, Sweet Cherry, with Amaretto
Kugel, Noodle, Mrs. Stern's
Lemon Curd and Almond Shortbread Tart 
Lemon Daffodil Dessert

Linzertorte, Two-Berry, with Black Pepper
Anglaise (Charlie Trotter)

Marjolaine, Mocha (Alice Medrich)
Marjolaine (Nancy Silverton)
Meringues Glacées, Gigi's with Variations
Mocha Meltdown
Mocha Madness Parfaits (Chocolatier)
Godiva Mocha Java Sundaes
Mousse, Chocolate-Orange 
Mousse, Fig
Mousse, Irish Coffee Chocolate
Mousse, Lemon, with Raspberry Sauce

Napoleons (Gigi's Napoleons)
Page 2: White Chocolate Mocha Napoleons
Page 3: White Chocolate Black Pepper
Mousse Napoleon

Parfaits, Mascarpone and Berry
Parfait, Chocolate Mint Chip (Chocolatier)
Parfaits, Mocha Madness (Chocolatier)
Pâte à Choux... a touch of magic!
Pavlovas, Mixed Berry
Peach and Amaretti Soufflés, Frozen
Peach Soup, Chilled, with Lemongrass
Sorbet (Charlie Trotter)
Peach Soup, Ruby, with Peach Sorbet
Peach Sundaes, Cinnamon-Crunch
Peach Turnovers, Warm, with Almond
Ice Cream (Charlie Trotter)
Peanut Butter Cups (Jacques Torres)
Pear and Cranberry Crisp
Pear Crisp, Spiced
Pecans, Orange-Coated
Pineapple Casserole, Miss Lexie's
Pineapple, Jamaican Rum (Chef Keegan)
Pots de Crème, Kahlua, with Chocolate Glaze
Pots de Crème, Vanilla - Mark Bittman

Pralines, The Delta Queen's
Praline Sundae Sauce
Profiteroles au Chocolat (Cream Puffs)
Pudding, Bread and Butter, Ginger-Jam
(Nigella's Grandmother's)

Pudding, Bread, Chocolate Brioche-
English Toffee (Charlie Trotter)

Pudding, Bread, Chocolate Silk

Pudding, Bread, Chocolate, with
Spiced Cream (Emeril)
Pudding, Bread, Christmas, with
Amaretto Sauce

Pudding, Bread, Double Chocolate, with
Salted Bourbon Caramel Sauce

Pudding, Bread, Greek, with Brandy
and Cherries Sauce

Pudding, Bread, "Jambalaya"
Pudding, Bread, Pumpkin

Pudding Soufflé, Bread, with Whiskey Sauce
Pudding, Bread, White Chocolate
Pudding, Bread, White Chocolate Banana,
with Caramel Semi-Freddo and
Boozy Caramel Sauce

Pudding, Chocolate 
Pudding, Chocolate, Deep (In the Sweet Kitchen)
Pudding, Chocolate, Old-Fashioned
Steamed (Laurie Colwin)

Pudding, Chocolate Pear (Laurie Colwin)
Pudding, Cinnamon Rice, Mexican, with Fresh Fruit 
Pudding, Christmas, with Brandied Butter
Pudding, Lemon, Great-Grandmother's
Pudding, Ozark, Truman
Pudding Parfaits, Bailey's with
Oatmeal-Walnut Crunch

Pudding, Plum, Two-Week
Pudding, Rice, Apricot-Glazed White Chocolate,
with Bitter Chocolate Sauce

Pudding, Rice, Mary Jane's
Rhubarb-Ginger Crumble
Rhubarb "Pizza", Grandmother's,
with Ginger Ice Cream

Rhubarb Soup with Citrus Sorbet
çois Payard)
Rote Gruetze 
Roulade, Bittersweet Chocolate
Sauce, Whiskey

Sherbets, Fruit  - Julia Child
Master Recipe - Fresh Lemon Sherbet
Fresh Orange Sherbet
Pink Grapefruit Sherbet
Fresh Pineapple Sherbet in the Half Shell
Fresh Strawberry Sherbet with Fresh Strawberries
Fresh Raspberry Sherbet
Candied Lemon, Orange or Grapefruit Peel

Snow Pudding "Eggs" with Raspberry Sauce
Sorbet, Mocha Java (Marcel Desaulniers) 
Sorbet, Mulled Apple Cider

Sorbet, Simply
(recipes from Charlie Trotter's Desserts)
Darjeeling Tea Sorbet
Green Tea Sorbet
Chamomile Tea Sorbet
Passion Fruit Sorbet
Bing Cherry Sorbet
Strawberry Sorbet
Peach Sorbet
Rhubarb Sorbet
Mango Sorbet
Pink Grapefruit-Chile-Tequila Sorbet

Sorbet, Watermelon

Soufflé, Chocolate (Jacques Torres)
Soufflés, Hot Chocolate (Alice Medrich)

Soufflés, Julia's Superb (Dessert)
Master Recipe (Vanilla Soufflé)
Orange Soufflé Grand Marnier
Chocolate Soufflé

Spiced-Pear and Rum Risotto 
Strawberries Arnaud

Strawberry Sorbet Shortcakes with Sweetened
Crème Fraîche Sauce, (Thomas Keller)
Strawberry Tiramisu
Sundaes, Brownie, Outrageous, with
Double Vanilla-Bean Ice Cream

Sundaes, Death by Chocolate (Chocolatier)
Sundaes, Godiva Mocha Java
Tiramisu (Chocolatier) 
Tirami Su, Inside-out, Upside-down (Gale Gand)
Tiramisu Parfaits (Chocolatier)

Trifle with Me!
Apricot Berry Trifle
English Chocolate Trifle with
Apricots and Raspberries
Poached Pear and Raspberry Trifle
with Orange Custard

Trifle, Caramelized Pumpkin,
includes Pumpkin Bread
and Candied Pumpkin

Trifle, Chocolate Cherry (Nigella)
Trifle, Chocolate, Cranberry and Ginger 
Trifle, Creole Christmas (Emeril Lagasse)
Trifle, Easy Holiday (Nigella Lawson)
Trifle, Italian (Mario Batali)
Trifle, Lemon, Blueberry and Gingerbread
Trifle, Lemon Curd and Blueberry
Trifle, Lemon Curd with Fresh Berries
Trifle, Mixed Berry 
Trifle, Patriotic Berry

Trifle, Peach and Ginger
Trifle, Pineapple

Trifle, Strawberry Cheesecake
Trifle, Tidewater

Trifles, Christmas
Pineapple Trifle
Lemon, Blueberry and
Gingerbread Trifles

Truffles, Chocolate Orange 
Truffles, Chocolate, Ebony and Ivory

Truffles, Christmas 
Emeril's Chocolate Truffles
French Chocolate Mint Truffles
Coffee-Spice White Chocolate Truffles

White Chocolate and Strawberry Terrine
with Dark Chocolate Sauce


La Belle Cuisine

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