Sax Solo
Sax Solo
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Stewart, Monica
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La Belle Cuisine

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Welcome to the Music of Cajun Country !


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"New Orleans' and Louisiana's Music Magazine"

An excellent source of information on club listings, concerts and special
events, festivals, Louisiana music on tour, and a message board - plus -
a compilation of The 100 Essential Louisiana CD's. (McIlhenny Company)
Shop for TABASCO(R) music CD's, from Cajun to Zydeco.

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Cajun Country

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Have a heart for
the Gulf Coast







Blue Jazz
Blue Jazz
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Lourenco, Didier
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"The New Orleans Jazz Club Official Silkscreen Print "
George Rodrigue
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Branford Marsalis & Harry Connick, Jr.
with Jim Pate at the Musicians' Village
site, New Orleans.










Jazz in the Big Easy
Jazz in the Big Easy
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Millsap, Diane
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Portrait of a Jazz Musician in the French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Portrait of a Jazz Musician in the French Quarter, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Photographic Print

De Manne, J P
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New Orleans Jazz
New Orleans Jazz
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Millsap, Diane
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New Orleans
House of Blues


New Orleans House Of Blues
New Orleans House Of Blues
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Hot Jazz in New Orleans
Hot Jazz in New Orleans
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Millsap, Diane
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Mardi Gras Night
Mardi Gras Night
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Millsap, Diane
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Jazz in the Quarter
Jazz in the Quarter
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Mitchell, Dean
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Louisiana Musicians Say “We Ain't Gonna Lose No More”
The “Louisiana Sunshine” CD is a powerful venture by the
Voice of the Wetlands and the cream of the New Orleans's
musical crop.

Voice of the Wetlands

" Celebrate the bayou while helping to save it! Acclaimed blues guitarist
Tab Benoit is joined by Louisiana All-Stars including Dr. John, Cyril
Neville, The Meters rhythm section and others on this hot and spicy
New Orleans blues party!
A portion of proceeds from the sale of this CD go to
Voice Of The Wetlands
a non-profit organization battling cultural and coastal erosion."

From "The Cajun Blues Master" - Guitar Player Magazine



For the REAL sound of New Orleans, the kind
that will bring tears to your eyes and make your
mouth water for a big bowl of gumbo, be sure to
tune in to

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90.7 FM The New Orleans
Jazz and Heritage Station



Jazz Band at Preservation Hall, New Orleans
Jazz Band at Preservation Hall, New Orleans
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Habitat for Harmony

Musicians village to help nurture jazz traditions

The Times-Picayune, New Orleans LA
Wednesday, December 07, 2005
By Leslie Williams, Staff writer

"Elected officials and others often give speeches about how much they treasure New Orleans' musicians. On Tuesday they unveiled a post-
Katrina plan to match the words with deeds.
At least 100 instrument-toting folks from the hurricane-ravaged
Crescent City will be offered an opportunity to become homeowners
in a 'musicians village,' according to the plan. New Orleans Area
Habitat for Humanity will build the houses with donations placed in
a special local account.
Saxophonist Branford Marsalis, a former 'Tonight Show with Jay Leno' bandleader; his father, noted pianist Ellis Marsalis; Mayor Ray Nagin;
and Jim Pate, director of the local chapter of Habitat for Humanity,
anannounced the plan Tuesday, which comes with a price tag that
could range from $7.5 million to more than $15 million, depending
on donations.
If total contributions reach $15 million, Habitat could build about 200
homes in the village, said Pate, who has not yet picked a site for the
At least $1 million for the village will be funneled from part of the
proceeds collected at the 'From the Big Apple to the Big Easy' benefit concerts at New York's Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music
Hall on Sept. 20. And more revenue is expected from those concerts,
said New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival organizer Quint Davis,
who also co-produced the New York events, which featured Elton
John, Simon and Garfunkel, the Dave Matthews Band and others.
Bob Wright, vice chairman of General Electric Co. and chief executive
officer of NBC Universal, has pledged another $80,000, a personal
donation to finance the construction of one house in the village. In a
letter Wright said he, his wife and children 'are grateful for the inspired
vision of Branford Marsalis and our good friend Harry Connick Jr.,'
both of whom have helped lead fund-raising efforts for the project.
'Through their efforts and leadership,' Wright said, 'musicians of modest means will have a place to live, raise their families and continue to cul-
tivate the musical richness that defines New Orleans.'
Aid promised by the French government for musicians also could be
linked to this effort, Nagin said.
The village will incorporate a music center named after Ellis Marsalis,
a jazz musician and educator. The center will provide rehearsal space,
a computer room and classrooms for private lessons for youths.
'The musicians who are living in the village will donate their time there
to young students who are interested in learning New Orleans music in
the New Orleans way,' Branford Marsalis said.
Habitat will stray from its typical format of only single, detached homes
and add some duplexes in the village 'that are elder friendly' Pate said.
The village's location is among many details still being worked out, Pate
said. The selection process 'will be based on need foremost,' Branford Marsalis said.
Pate agreed, adding that other factors in the selection process will include
a willingness to become a Habitat partner by providing 'sweat equity'
and the ability to pay for a home.
Habitat, Pate reminded, is not a giveaway program. Each homeowner
is responsible for paying a mortgage. Volunteer support and donations
allow the housing to be sold at an affordable price, he said.
If a location is chosen soon and other issues are resolved, the ground-
breaking for the musicians village could be in mid-January, Pate said.
Ellis Marsalis, whose sons Wynton, Delfeayo and Jason also play
music professionally, called the proposed center carrying his name 'a
great honor.' He said he hopes to help craft the vision for it and looks
forward to 'being able to interact with kids once again.'
The 'real beauty of it,' Pate said, 'is all of these components coming
together will provide the mentors and teachers for the next generation
of New Orleans jazz and blues musicians. . . . The next generation will
be living side by side by the old legends and the older masters who will
teach them at the Ellis Marsalis Performance Center.' "
. . . . . . .
2005 All Rights Reserved.
Leslie Williams can be reached at or at (504) 826-3358.


New Orleans Habitat is an affiliate of
 Habitat for Humanity International and
welcomes volunteers from all faiths to help
with ongoing recovery and rebuilding of
New Orleans.

Harry Connick, Jr., Branford and Ellis Marsalis
Partner with Habitat to Build a Musicians' Village
in New Orleans' Upper 9th Ward




New Orleans Preservation Hall
New Orleans Preservation Hall
Giclee Print

Millsap, Diane
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New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival

If you want to be hip to the New Orleans music scene,
click here, cher. Laissez les bons temps rouler!


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"Specializing in Regional Music"



Colorful Poster Along the Riverwalk, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Colorful Poster Along the Riverwalk, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Photographic Print

Jones, Adam
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Check out the Louisiana Music Collective:

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Internet Radio

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Louisiana CD's

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Louisiana Music Magazine

"The authentic New Orleans and Louisiana
roots music resources."


Maison Bourbon Jazz
Maison Bourbon Jazz
Art Print

Subirats, Joseph...
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Down here in Louisiana, music ranks right up there with food and family. Can't have a festival without toe-tapping tunes, and PepperFest is proud to bring you the pick of our homegrown music-makers. Cajun and zydeco. Rock and soul. Blues and funk, too.

Visit the Tabasco Country Store Music Stage!


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Mardi Gras 2010 - 16 February!

Pass a good time, cher!

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